ActiveXperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts offers a complete solution for monitoring a complete IT infrastructure. Monitor servers, workstations, switches, applications, services, virtualization platforms and more. ActiveXperts Network Monitor is used by more than 10,000 companies, across 146 countries.


ActiveXperts - Network Monitor software and SMS Messaging solutions

Activexperts Network Monitor

ActiveXperts Network Monitor is a tool to monitor the network for failures and irregularities. Monitor all aspects of your cloud, servers, workstations, IP devices, applications, databases, environment and more.

It has many built-in checks, e.g.: VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, Ms Hyper-V, Active Directory, Cpu, Disks, Dns, Files, Events, Ms Dynamics AX/NAV/CRM, Ms Exchange, Ms Iis, Ms Sql, Ms SharePoint, (S)Ftp, Http(s), Memory, Ntp, Oracle, PowerShell, Printers, Processes, Radius, Smtp/Pop3, Snmp, Temperature, Ssh, VBScript and more.

Activexperts SMS Messaging Server

ActiveXperts SMS Messaging Server is a Windows-based software package that allows you to send, receive and process SMS and e-mail messages. Supported communication protocols: GSM, HTTP, SMPP, SMTP, POP3. Incoming messages are processed by 'triggers', and can be fully customized.

It's a framework for any scenario where one/two-way SMS messaging is required. Create a voting/polling system, send out mass SMS broadcasts, create a reservation system, etc. Real-life case-studies are included as sample projects that can be used live.

ActiveXperts SMS Component

ActiveXperts SMS Component is an ActiveX/COM component to provide SMS and Pager messaging functionality to Windows developers. Send and receive SMS via: GSM modem/phone, HTTP/XML, SMPP. Send pager messages via SNPP. Samples provided for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Studio .NET (C# and VB), ASP, VBA, VBScript, PowerShell, PHP, Delphi and more.

ActiveXperts Network Component

Component to enhance software with network functionality through the following protocols: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPs, ICMP Ping, IP-to-Country, MSN, NTP, RSH, SCP, SFTP, SNMP v1/v2c (Get, GetNext, Set, Traps, MIB), SSH, TCP, Telnet, TFTP, UDP, Telnet, VMware, NIMBOXX Verde, Citrix Xen and more. Samples are provided for Visual Basic/C++, Visual Studio .NET, ASP, VBA, VBScript, PHP, ColdFusion, Delphi and more.

ActiveXperts Serial Port Component

ActiveXperts Serial Port Component is an ActiveX/COM component. It offers an interface for serial, asynchronous communications. Use it to control modems, USB serial etc. Support for RS-232, RS422, RS485, TAPI, flow control and more. Samples are provided for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# .NET, Visual Basic .NET, ASP, VBA, VBScript, PHP, ColdFusion, Delphi and more.

ActiveXperts Email Component

Send SMTP e-mail and receive POP3 e-mail from any Windows application or scripting tool. Supports secure mail, authentication, foreign character sets, attachments, priority, authentication, header, and more. Samples are provided for several programming languages like: Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Studio .NET (C#, VB), ASP, VBA, VBScript, PHP, ColdFusion, Delphi and more.

Activexperts Hydromagic

Hydromagic is used by survey, mining and dredging companies all over the world to perform hydrographic surveys in rivers, oceans, ponds and reservoirs. Using a positioning system like a GPS or RTK receiver, together with a hydrographic echosounder, position and depth data is recorded.

Activexperts Freeware Utilities

ActiveXperts Freeware Utilities is a set of useful free tools that run on any 32/64-bit Windows platform. Amongst the tools you will find: SendSMS, SNMP Browser, VMware Monitor, Citrix Xen Monitor, Virtual Bridges VERDE monitor and many others.